1. Exponential Valor (his first poem this year)

    Allow no exponential curve

    To make you lose your nerve

    Or give you that abyssal grade,

    You probably deserve.

    Attack! With verve!

    Like a Viking! Or a Hun!

    Like a badger! Or Tyrannosaurus rex!

    Or a really little, old, mean nun!

    After all, when y=a^x

    And x is zero, y is always

    a) a

    b) 0

    c) 0.1 

    d) 1

    e) 1.1


  2. Anonymous said: Mr Timmreck is my uncle!



  3. soundismusic:

    Mr. Timmreck’s wife tumbling story. Recorded 5th period of Monday, 1/3/11.

    Prior to this, he told us another story:
    Recently, his wife was injured by a closing garage door. Her shoulder was dislocated and she had tree nails pierce her hand. She was rushed to the hospital. When Mr. Timmreck heard about this, he immediately went from school to the hospital. To fix the damage, her arm was stretched (with the numbing of course) out until it was about to go back to the proper place. Whenever her arm stretched to the floor, they would crank the bed higher so it would stretch more.
    The next part is quoted the best I can:

    It was like a big worm. So after they were done, the shoved the worm- *laugh* Worm. Sorry, I meant her arm back into place.

    The doctor said she was lucky nothing happened to the bone of her shoulder other than a little flat place. So the doctor finished up and left, but they had forgotten about her bleeding hand, so Mr. Timmreck called him back and he fixed it up. When he was done he told them that she should rest and not do this and that and it should heal fairly quickly. Afterwards, Mr. Timmreck’s wife said, “I wanna go to IHop!” So they went from the hospital’s emergency room straight to IHop.

    There was another:
    During when she was pregnant, she was planning to go see a music concert. She wasn’t expecting the baby until a few weeks from then but she had the baby the day before the concert. So she went to the hospital and had the baby. The next day she asked the doctor if she could go to the concert. The doctor said, “No you have to rest.” So when the nurse wasn’t looking, she got out of bed, undressed from her hospital gown, dressed in her own clothes, went to the concert, came back, undressed from her own clothes, put her hospital gown back on and laid in bed.

    You know those tough women that work in the fields and when they have to have a baby, they go to the doctor, have the baby and go back to work in the fields? I married one of them.

    Victor was like, “Ninja…. It would have been more epic if she did a few backflips out the window.” And Mr. Timmreck said, “I actually have a story for that.”
    I thought it was going to be about backflips, but I guess it was about tumbling instead… (see above recording)


  4. "If someone asks you about the test, you can tell them that the answer to one of the questions is “b.” Just don’t tell them which question."
    — paraphrased from Mr. Timmreck 

  5. "You can time yourself on the test tomorrow and say, “Ok, I was fast enough” or “I was way too slow. If this had been 25 questions I would have been in deep kimchi.”"
    — Mr. Timmreck on giving an extra day for his first test

  6. Anonymous said: Mr. Timmreck's my teacher this year. :P I have bad memory, but can I submit stuff once in a while?

    Of course you can! Please submit~


  7. Anonymous said: Does anyone still write on this site?

    Nope. All the past writers for this site no longer has Mr. Timmreck as their teacher.

    I’m sorry :(


  8. "The night before your homework is due, make some kimchi. Put the kimchi in a glass bottle and set it by the front door. When you wake up the next morning and are heading out the door, you will see the bottle of kimchi. When you see the bottle you will remember that you have a note in your sock drawer. You’ll run to your room and open the sock drawer and find the note inside that says, “Don’t forget your homework”. You’ll grab your homework and run back to the door to leave for school. On the way out, grab the bottle of kimchi for lunch."
    — Timmreck on remembering to bring homework to school
  9. OK, here is an illustration from “Solutions” without its words. Can you see what is going on? A biologist certainly will.”


  10. Roy’s past as a gymnast

    Roy, Steve Bonham is putting together a roster of all of the members of the LSU Mens Team.  Please send him your contact info.  Gary Rouse  sbonham@georgiasouthernn.edu